Spirits Speak

Spirit interaction is at an all-time high as the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thinning.  People worldwide are seeing shadowy figures out of their peripheral vision, flashes of light in their inner eyes, and are hearing strange noises in their homes.  Intuitive thoughts are entering the minds of both young and old as spirits are imparting advice directly into their consciousness.  As our reality is shifting back to its illuminated state, it is important that you learn how to hear from the spirits.

 Not all Spirits are the Same
There are many spirits that compose our reality.  From the trapped souls to the higher vibratory energies who are often referred to as angels, our world is full of life.  Everything on this planet has a spirit force within it, however during the dark ages where consciousness was shunned while submission and obedience was the norm, the interaction all but vanished in western societies.  When spirits attempted to make their presence known, the r…


Revelation Knowledge: In the Beginning

I was visited again last night and was given more revelation knowledge for members of the Golden Race.  The serpent of old that was mentioned in your bible was intentionally misinterpreted to the ignorant masses so the planetary controllers could maintain their power structure.  Ministers were mis-educated in seminary schools to ensure the population would NEVER discover the truth of this ancient knowledge.  However, ancestral energies have returned and are channeling this information to those of the divine bloodlines.  This divine knowledge has the power to free you from the mental prison you incarnated into.

In the book of Genesis, there is a story about a God who created man in his image and later took a rib from his side to create a woman.   God instructed his creation to never eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil or they would perish.  Later on, in the story, a serpent came to the woman and told her that God was lying to her.  He told her that if they ate from the tree …

Divine Resurrection: Kundalini Rising

As a child raised in a Christian family, I have vivid memories of getting ready for one of the most important holidays of the year, Easter Sunday.  My mother would buy us beautiful dresses, new shoes, and a purse to wear.  I would stay up the weekend before having my hair pressed out and curled.  We dyed Easter eggs and had baskets stuffed with goodies, which I couldn’t wait to indulge in after church.  Everyone showed up in their Sunday’s best expecting our preacher’s well-prepared sermon for the big day.  We always arrived early to ensure we’d get a seat in the crowded building as members who hadn’t attended all year would show up on this day.  As lovely as the fellowship was, it is unfortunate the members were completely unaware of the spiritual resurrection that was supposed to occur within themselves.

What is a spiritual resurrection?
The spiritual resurrection is often referred to as a great realization; as it is a divine state of enlightenment. Few have fully experienced it, howe…

The Lost Knowledge of Crystal Healing

“And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”  Luke 19:40   Stones “crying,” does that make any sense to you?  It would if you understood the science of crystals and their hidden properties.   If you are unfamiliar with these precious gems, we highly recommend you continue reading.

Everything on this realm has consciousness because we live in a mind-matrix reality.  Our ancestors referred to this form of energy as spirit forces.  So, even your rock formations such as crystals possess reserved radiated energy.  Worldwide, from Africa to the Americas, our ancestors intuitively identified the power of crystals. They incorporated these precious stones into their daily lives, using them in rituals, for medicine, and in divination.   They used crystals to release physical, mental, and spiritual blockages.  When you place them on various parts of your body, they can reconnect you to the healing energies of the pla…

Your Ingrained Map to Life

The first cultural graffiti, your hand prints, are the original markings of individuation. These iconic markings symbolize your individual existence.  It makes the most rarefied statement, ‘I have been here!’ All those lines are part of a larger map that tells your unique story which is a wealth of valuable and useful information.
Hand impressions have been considered by many cultures as our personal identity, our unique mark, and the impression of who we are.  Even in our present-day reality, we are innately moved to leave our mark on reality.  These can be seen in clay trinkets from kindergarten, as graffiti on city walls, and in ancient caves around the world. This ancient science was even recorded in your bible in the following scriptures: Proverbs: 3; 16‘length of days is in her right hand; and in her left-hand riches and honor.’
Job: 37; 7 ‘He sealeth up the hand of every man; that all men may know his work.’

Each line is a defining aspect of your character, your basic instinctive na…